The Pilot House Winter schedule that starts 12/1/2014 to 02/28/2015.

Download schedules here:

Winter Schedule 2014-2015

Winter Schedule

Please Note: For our after school club and social club, there is a 2 day minimum.  If you sign up for class, the cost for clubs will be discounted to $20.

Social Club – come hang out with friends, enjoy different activities.

Community Store – job skills training, working with customers, handling money, doing inventory, etc. This is training/classroom time in preparation for working at the in-house store at TPH or at the Farm.

Painting and Drawing – join Ms. Melissa learning various techniques and styles in painting and drawing.

Coffee Shop Life Skills – work in our coffe shop, learn how to organize and manage day to day living such as laundry, planning/preparing meals, filling out applications/forms, household chores, etc.

Arts and crafts – create home décor pieces. Including wall hangings, keepsakes and various other creative projects.

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