Class Descriptions

We’re excited about our Spring schedule! Some of our new programs this Spring include Friday Night Bowling, Girl Talk and our popular Sibshop - Sibling Support Workshops is back!

All program descriptions are listed below. Please see our Program Schedule page to download the Spring schedule.


Students interact with each other while tapping into their inner rock star, and may also share and discuss songs, participate in songwriting, and share their opinions as they sing dance and drum along to rockin (as well as developmentally appropriate educational but definitely fun) tunes with local musician and certified music teacher. A low student- to- teacher ratio will ensure individualized attention and support.

Cabaret Class
Move over Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers! In a series of individual sessions with a board certified music therapist, your child will select a song from a movie or musical, discuss it in various contexts, and prepare it for a live performance.  Kids will develop their vocal skills while working to understand the social and emotional underpinning of the song lyrics.  The 12-week program will culminate in a cabaret show that will showcase our budding singers for family and friends.

Music & Art Class
In this hands-on class facilitated by a board-certified music teacher, your child will participate in singing, dancing, improvisation, and playing instruments. All musical experiences will be child-guided, and oriented towards building age-appropriate cognitive, communication, motor, and social skills. Music time will be followed by a themed-based creative art project. A low student to teacher ratio will ensure individualized attention and support.

Little Ones Music Play (Birth to 3)
Facilitated by a board-certified music therapist, this program provides opportunities for infants, toddlers, and their caregivers to participate in developmentally appropriate music and movement experiences. Designed to target developmental milestones as defined by the American Academy of Pediatrics, these playgroups will help infants and toddlers develop language, motor, and cognitive skills through interactive music activities, using the Walworth Curriculum.

Social Skills

Social Sports – Basketball
Play ball! There is no better forum to learn social skills than through sports. And learning the basics of a sport will help a child have a more positive experience with his playground peers. Led by a special education teacher, the focus of this class will be on developing playground skills, self confidence, team building, turn taking, and communication with teammates.  Students will be taught how to keep their cool and be a good sport when losing. Each six week session will focus on a particular sport.

Social Skills (grouped according to ability and age)
Led by 2 certified special education teachers (Master Degrees in Autism), our social skills groups will promote taking initiative in conversation, peer interaction, participation in games and activities, the ability to follow the rules of a game, being able to follow directions, building and maintaining friendships, adapting to transitions, and making choices. Most importantly, your child will have a great time! The lessons are based on the key building blocks to social skill development, as defined by the ABLLS-R (The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills, Revised). Our low student to teacher ratio will ensure individualized attention and support, and typically developing peers are included in each group.


This class pairs a theme-based story with a craft, and focuses on building social skills, listening skills and fine motor skills. Previous themes have included: Back-to-School, Halloween, Thanksgiving and more!


Art, in all forms, promotes self-discovery, fine motor practice, self-expression and verbalization. It involves sensory awareness while supporting emotional awareness and expression without the need for language. Led by an Occupational Therapist, our arts and crafts class will include the use of multi-sensory techniques and a variety of media. Through interesting and fun projects, students will increase their visual motor and fine motor skills, their ability to follow directions, and their social skills.

Sports and Athletics

Stretch your child’s body and mind with yoga! Led by a certified yoga instructor, this program addresses many important aspects of a child’s life, including: flexibility, strength, creativity, focus, attention span, self-esteem, relaxation, general well-being, awareness and respect for self and others. Yoga classes include play and music along with traditional yoga and relaxation techniques. The pace of the class will be tailored to your child’s physical , attention, and sensory needs. A low student to teacher ratio will ensure individualized attention and support.

This is an ideal introduction to the martial arts! Your child will Increase his flexibility and strength, while building self-discipline, character, and focus. This non-contact karate class allows students to focus on fun and personal growth, as they learn basic karate moves from a professional martial arts instructor. Karate uniform included. A low student to teacher ratio will ensure individualized attention and support.

Teen Programs

Monthly Teen Night
Parents…run for the hills! This is your chance to have a couple of hours to yourself while your teen has a blast with his peers and The Pilot House team! Our monthly teen nights take place at our facility and include dinner, games, crafts, and more!

Community Teen Events
Our teen community events give each teen an opportunity to go into the community in a small group and participate in a variety of activities. These outings promote the daily living skills, social skills, and academic skills that we all need to successfully navigate our community. Past events have included miniature golf, dinner out, and even a trip to Broadway to see the hit musical “Mamma Mia!” Round-trip transportation to and from The Pilot House is included in the program fee.

Friday Night Bowling
This is a fun program for teens and young adults. They are held at Nutmeg Bowling and it includes games, pizza dinner, shoe rental and a TPH bowling shirt.

Cooking and Baking

BAM! Is the next Emeril Lagasse or Rachel Ray living under your roof? Have your child grab an apron and find out! Our exciting cooking class teaches social skills, life skills, and—of course—the basics of cooking in our full kitchen. Our students have so much fun they don’t even realize that they are learning. Classes center around ethnic themes (Italian, Mexican, etc.) and students will learn about the versatility of key ingredients. For example, dough is not just for pizza, but for bread, pasta, and quiche!

Chocolate Chip Cheesecake…Cowboy Cookies…Cheese Danish Roll-Ups.  Sound tempting? Sign your child up for our baking class and these recipes and more will make their way into your home. Students will have a blast as they learn the basics of baking in our full kitchen. So much fun, in fact, that they won’t even realize they are simultaneously working on social skills and life skills. As they say, a spoonful of sugar…or flour…or baking powder will help the medicine go down!

Dance and Drama

Discover ways to bend, jump, stretch, and leap to the beat of music! Dancing is a fun way to work on developing a child’s self-esteem, body awareness, coordination, and balance.

Broadway…here we come! Budding actors of all abilities will be jazzed by The Pilot House’s Drama Program. During this X week program, students will work together to put on a live performance for family and friends. Scripts, choreography, and songs are adapted to meet each child’s individual needs, and each production incorporates sets and costumes. Our past productions have included “High School Musical”, Scenes from “Annie” and “Oliver”, and “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.”

Life Skills
Ages 11 and up – this hour long class will teach your teens to do their own laundry, make their beds, go grocery shopping, create menus, meal preparation and more.  Life skills will be held on Tuesdays from 4:00 to 5:00.

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