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If you’d like to send a donation, click on the button below to download the form. Please make your check payable to “The Pilot House” and mail it and the form to:

The Pilot House
240 Colony Street
Fairfield, CT 06825

The Pilot House is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization.

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Exciting News and something YOU can do to help!

The Pilot House received approval to be a 2012 Neighborhood Assistance Act beneficiary. This means that Connecticut businesses may make donations to The Pilot House, and in return those businesses will receive a 60% write-off on their state-owed taxes! We need you to help spread the word to Connecticut businesses, and ask them to make donations. Funds raised will support the development of new Early Intervention Family Support.

We have a tight timeline. Businesses that intend to make a donation MUST mail in the attached form between September 15 – October 1, 2012.

Attached are four documents: A letter from Pilot House Director Doreen Caruso, a Fact Sheet about the NAA tax program, and Form NAA-02, which is needed to make the donation. Please print the forms, bring to businesses that you know and ask them to make a donation to The Pilot House. It’s a Win-Win! Of course you may also forward this email with a personal introduction.

How to Support The Pilot House:

  1. Connecticut businesses complete the Form NAA-02 and have it signed by the appropriate business representative
  2. The business must mail the Form NAA-02 to the Department of Revenue Services. The address is on the form.
    Department of Revenue Services Research Unit
    25 Sigourney St., Ste. 2
    Hartford, CT 06106-5032
  3. The business sends a donation (minimum $250) to The Pilot House:
    The Pilot House
    240 Colony Street
    Fairfield, CT 06824

Please direct all questions to Hilary Plesser, or 203-292-8452.

Thank you for your support!